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Best Biometric Gun Safes

Aside from getting a gun, you need to learn how to use it, how to maintain  it and most importantly,  how to cancel it from family members and friends for their safety.

This is where a biometric gun safe becomes an important accessory to have.

A biometric gun safe is a foolproof gun storing apparatus that has top-notch security features adequately designed to avoid Intruders from gaining access to your firearm. 

Whether you want to keep your guns out of reach of children or from burglars,  then a biometric gun safe is the best solution for your storage needs.

To help you navigate towards the best biometric gun safes on the market, we have everything important information in this handy review.

Let’s get started !

Benefit Of Using A Biometric Gun Safe

Lightning speed access

One of the benefits of using a biometric gun safe is the lightning speed access it gives users in addition to the security feature of allowing only authorized users access to the gun safe.

Useful in times of emergencies

In times of emergencies, the touch-and-go method of biometric gun safe can be a big advantage in such unpleasant times.

Reviews Of The Best Biometric Gun Safe

This biometric gun safe provides users with 3 different modes of access which are meant to provide a quicker way to get firearms on time.

It is sleek, compact and lightweight which makes it easy to basically stroke anywhere.

When it comes to its build, this gun safe is made of 13-gauge solid steel with a coating on top. 

The door is able to prevent any prying open with hand tools as it is pry-resistant. You can  swing open the door quickly and quietly for discrete, fast access to your firearms as the door features a gas strut opening system.

When it comes to mounting the safe, you can easily attach it to a table,  wall, or floor through 2-pre drilled holes in the bottom using 2 inclined lug bolts. The interior of this gun safe measures 2.2″ x 9.7 ” x 6.7 ” (HWD) and to protect the guns from damage,  it includes a thick foam.

You don’t need additional lighting if you want to grab your firearms from  this safe, especially at night as it features an interior LED lighting. A user can easily access the interior through  3 different ways. These are the biometric fingerprint scanner, the digital keypad and about one or two included emergency backup keys.

You can easily get inside this gun safe with a single scan as the fingerprint recognition system works very well. This system is capable of retaining up to 30 different fingerprints all at once.  It is however meant to allow a user input multiple different angles or multiple fingers to ensure reliable, quick access every time.

1. Awesafe Gun Safe



2. GunVault SpeedVault Biometric Handgun Safe SVB500


This gun safe gives easy accessibility to users who quickly want to get their weapons. With a 2-second acceptance rate on the fingerprint scan, it will easily open the drawer for gun access very quickly. A user can even make up your 120 fingerprint scans in a single setup.

This doesn’t mean many people can have easy access to the gun safe but rather, the high scan number is meant rk scan through the same fingers in multiple ways. The GunVault SpeedVault Biometric Handgun Safe comes with a backup security key. This is important as in case of some sort of failure with the scans, a user will still have access to the safe.

It also features a beep function. This is meant to alert users when the safe is opened. However, you can easily mute the beep anytime. The SpeedVault is very easy to use and highly reliable. It comes with a drop-down drawer which works with gravity instead of springs or openers purposely to keep the action more reliable and simple.

This gun safe has a unique storage function. A used gun can be stored with the grip towards them in an easy to reach way that makes for a natural movement from being just stored to being in a band and ready to shoot.

In terms of its  exterior,  this gun safe has a dimension of 6″×3.5″×13″.  It’s interior also has a foam-lined dimension of roughly 2.5″x6″×8.5″ and this allows for most pistols with a length that is 8″ or less. 

The scanner is very accurate and fast at the same time as it can give access within 2.5 seconds of scanning your fingerprint. When it comes to its dimensions, it measures 8″×16.5 ×14.6″ (HWD), and it weighs approximately 30 lbs.



3. Barska Biometric Fingerprint Safe Ax11224

This biometric gun safe is constructed with very durable 14-gauge steel. To provide users with optimum security, it comes with tamper-resistant edges and at the same time, it is unlocked via two motorized, steel deadbolts.

The BARSKA Biometric Fingerprint Safe AX11224 is DOJ-approved  for firearm storage which obviously means it has passed drop, saw, pry and pick tests purposely to protect it against theft.

It is very easy to mount the safe through pre-drilled holes Using the hardware that is included,  it is very easy to mount the safe through pre-drilled holes. The BARSKA Biometric Fingerprint Safe AX11224 has a lifespan of about 10,000 scans and runs on four AA batteries.

It also comes with a battery indicator beep that notifies users when the batteries are running low. When it comes to its interior, the dimensions of this safe are 6.9″×16.4×12.25″ (HWD), which gives users a 0.79 cubic ft of storage. It also comes with a floor mat to protect users’ pistols against scuffing and damage.

You can easily access the contents of your safe through a biometric fingerprint scanner.



4.Vaultek Safe VT20

You can easily mount this biometric gun safe to a desk, nightstand or inside your vehicle with the included mounting hardware and the 4 ft, heavy-duty security cable.

When it comes to its construction,  the Vaultek Safe VT20 Is made with highly-durable 16-gauge carbon steel with a durable powder coat on top to prevent corrosion. 

The interior of this biometric gun safe measures 2″ x 11″ x 5.75″ (HWD). This ensures that users have enough space to store one standard-sized handgun in addition to a couple of extra magazines, ear protection or ammo.

To prevent the content inside from damage, the interior is padded with a thick layer of foam. It also comes with adjustable LED interior lighting. You can easily access the inside of this biometric gun safe using 4 different ways. These are the smartphone app, manual key, digital keypad and biometric scanner.

It’s important to note that the biometric scanner, Bluetooth compatibility and digital keypad all run on a rechargeable lithium battery. This battery is capable of powering the safe continuously for 4 to 6 months, depending on how you use it.

It however charges in just 2.5 hours with the included Micro-USB charging kit.



5. Barska Top Opening Biometric Safe Ax11556

This biometric gun safe features a dual hydraulic-assisted top door opening system and it is made with 16-gauge steel. It features pry-proof and tamper-resistant edges. The walls are 1/16″ thick while the door is 3/16″ thick. To prevent unauthorized access, it is unlocked with 2 steel, motorized deadbolts. 

This biometric gun safe can be easily mounted in large drawers or even the floor through 3 pre-drilled holes in the bottom with included mounting hardware. It comes with a top opening design which makes it perfect for file cabinet, nightstand storage and drawer.

This biometric gun safe is powered by 4 AA batteries which will be able to last for up to 2 years depending on how often you access the inside through the scanner. It’s very easy to set this device up as well as program the instructions in the manual. A user can store up to 120 different prints on the scanner.

When it comes to access,  it takes about just 2.5 seconds to access your firearms . All one needs to do is to just push the activation  button, hold their finger to the scanner and they should be inside in no time.

In terms of dimensions, the overall dimensions of the AX11556 measures 5″x 14.81″×11.5″ HWD and it weighs over 20 lbs.




Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Biometric Gun Safe


The size of the biometric gun safe is perhaps one of the most important buying factors to take into consideration.

It's important that you ask yourself whether you want a safe that holds multiple guns, a single gun or even your ammo. Based on this, you can then measure the size of the guns you wish to store in the safe and take some extra margins.

This is very important as you don't want to purchase as gun safe and then have to stuff and squeeze your hand or long guns into it increasing the chances of damaging your weapons. Always make sure that you double check the gun safe's dimensions before you buy it.

Biometric Features

It is highly important to note that there are some third-brand, second-rate biometric scanners in the market that are generally cheap and mostly come with the trade-off of a lower quality scanner.

This generally means their reliability is affected and Admaston such, your safety may be compromised if the fingerprint scanner has a defect.

To prevent this from happening, it is advisable that you go in for a biometric gun safe that scores top marks on reliability, quality and authenticity. This is exactly why we put this article together to review the best biometric gun safes that meet these criteria.


The durability, security and pry-resistance of your gun safe is directly influenced by the material used to manufacture it. Almost all gun safes feature steel construction but the thickness and quality of the steel is what differs between various models and brands.


It must be noted that if you plan on storing your gun safe at a fixed location then this may not necessarily be a deciding factor.

However, if you intend to store it on-the-go, then this factor should be taken into consideration.

Knowing the weight of the biometric gun safe will determine whether you may need extra support to keep it stabilized. This is because, the heavier the safe, the more secure it tends to be, as nobody can easily steal it.

Battery Type

When choosing a biometric gun safe, this is one factor you shouldn't overlook. The fingerprint scanner will always need power and as such, your gun safe will require batteries to operate.

However, the type of batteries will largely depend on the model and the brand. Some units operate on 4 AA-batteries whilst others use the 9-volt lithium-ion battery.

Some batteries drain faster than others and as such, you have to know that the type of battery needed may also directly influence the battery life.

It is also advisable to invest in rechargeable batteries for your biometric gun safes. This is because, unlike the normal batteries, rechargeable batteries are more economical and will allow you to check your batteries life in-between replacing them.

Frequently Asked Questions


Biometric gun safes are the most secure and best way to store your firearms. You don’t have to worry about unwanted access to your weapon or about moistened and other contaminants that may cause corrosion when you have a quality biometric gun safe.