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Best Portable Gun Safes

Looking for the best gun safe for your car? You’re in the right place. In this article, we have put together all you need to know about gun safes and help you with tips on what to consider before purchasing one and reviews of the best on the market.

The fact that you’re thinking of purchasing a gun safe means you have a concealed carry permit which allows you to carry firearms. You might want to carry your firearm wherever you go but you’re not allowed to take it some places like the hospital, court, government buildings among others.

This means you’ll have to leave it in your car when going to such places and this is when the need for a vehicle gun safe comes in. You can’t just leave a firearm in your vehicle because it’ll attract burglars and intruders.

Leaving it in your centre console vault or glove box is not safe so you definitely need a vehicle gun safe.



Reviews Of The Best Car Gun Safes 2021

1. SentrySafe PP1K Portable Car Gun Safe

This is a strong and durable gun safe which can keep only one handgun and weighs 6.5 pounds. It is made with high quality solid steel and has doors which are pry-resistant. 

It uses a digital keypad, a fingerprint locking system and the traditional key lock. For use in a vehicle, it is advised that you use the key lock system as you will not have to worry about constantly replacing the batteries when they are out of power.

You can install it in your vehicle by using its security cable to attach it to a stationary point or by bolting it down to the interior of the vehicle using the two bolts that come along with it.

It comes with tamper-proof hinges making it difficult for burglars to open it. With the PP1K, you can be reassured that your firearm is safe. The interior is padded with high compression foam which will prevent damage to your firearm while in transit.

 You can also store other valuables in this unit along with your firearm.




2. Hornady Lockbox For Guns And Valuables


This is a sturdy and durable gun safe made with tamper-proof materials and comes in three options; alpha elite, large lockbox and extra large lockbox.

It comes with patented security cables which are made of steel and are for attaching the gun safe to a solid stationary body. The larger gun safes come with a 4-foot long security cable while the alpha elite comes with a 3-foot long security cable.

There is a lot of storage space in these Hornady lock boxes as the security cable receiver saves a lot of space in the unit. You can be assured that your firearms will not be damaged as the interior of the unit is lined with premium foam.

You can also keep other valuables like jewellery, phones and important business documents in this unit. You can easily attach the unit under your car seat by using a cable or by bolting it down completely.

For added security, it has a double crossbar latch mechanism whose patent is still pending, a pry resistant security band and a barrel key lock. Not only can you take it on road trips, it can be taken on air trips as it meets TSA requirements for firearms on airplanes.



3. RPNB Portable Security Safe

The RPNB gun safe is manufactured with a 16-gauge steel making it sturdy and durable.  It can be opened using a 3-digit code, an RFID key fob or through the traditional key lock. Out of all three, the RFID is the fastest way to access your firearms from this unit. When out of power you can use the traditional key lock.

It comes with pre-drilled holes for fast and easy bolting down to the vehicle’s floor. It has enough space for you to keep other valuables like cash, credit cards, jewellery, phones and other important business documents.

You can install it in any direction anywhere in your vehicle. It has precise fittings and so cannot be pried open with ordinary hand tools. Your firearms and valuables are safe from damage because the unit’s interior is lined with foam.

It meets the TSA requirements for firearms on airplanes so you can be rest assured that you can take it on air travels.





4. Vaultek LifePod Portable Handgun Safe

This is a small, compact gun safe designed to keep sub-compact and compact firearms. It is sturdy, lightweight and waterproof. In case you’re stuck on a road due to a flood, you can be rest assured that your firearms are safe because this unit is going to float when you place it in water.

Its waterproof feature makes it a good option to keep other valuables like jewellery, phones and even business documents inside. It features a digital touch activated keypad which uses between 4-8 digits as the code. It also has a backup keyed lock which can be disabled for extra security.

It comes with a 19-inch steel cable which can be used to attach the unit to a solid stationary body in the vehicle.  The latches on this unit feature an anti-impact technology with a built-in locking feature which makes it difficult for unauthorized persons to access the safe.

It runs on a 9 volt alkaline battery which can last for up to a year if used on a standard basis. It fulfills the TSA requirements for firearms on airplanes which means you can take it along on an airplane.





5. SnapSafe Portable Lockbox

This is a sturdy, durable and heavy duty gun safe made with 16-gauge steel. It is compact and can easily fit under your car seat. Your firearms are safe from damage as its interior is lined with foam.

It uses a digital electronic lock which allows you to set up a 3-digit code. It can store a host of other items like cash, credit cards, jewellery and business documents.

It comes with a 1500 pounds rated security cable with which you can attach the unit to a solid stationary object. The cable firmly attaches the unit to a fixed point in the vehicle making sure that the unit cannot be displaced easily.

It has a beautifully designed interior with foams which are removable. If you need space for extra valuables, you can remove the foams to create more space in the unit.

In case you want to permanently keep the unit in your vehicle, you can drill holes in the bottom and bolt down the unit to the floor of your vehicle. 

Not only can you take it along for road trips, it meets TSA requirements for firearms on airplanes so you can take it for air travels as well.




Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Car Gun Safe


Since you're going to keep it in your vehicle, you should consider the size of the unit. The unit will not be able to fit into your vehicle if it's too large. A small unit may not be able to contain all your firearms and ammunition but you can opt for a small unit which has compartments for your ammunition as well.


Portability here means how easily the unit can be taken in and out of your vehicle. You should purchase a unit that can be mounted on the vehicle's floor or attached to it by a cable. You can connect a cable through your vehicle if it is a truck or SUV and bolt it to the floor so that no one can run away with it.

Protection against fire

This is an important factor to consider especially if you're going to keep other valuables in the gun safe along with your firearms and ammunition.

You should purchase a unit which provides protection against disasters such as floods and fire outbreaks so that in case of any disaster your firearms and valuables will remain safe and intact.

Locking mechanisms

In general, there are three types of locks; biometric, digital/electronic lock and key locks. Biometric and digital/electronic locks for your vehicle will run on batteries. Gun safes that use the traditional key locks don't require any power to run. There is also the RFID type of lock which uses a key fob and is by far the fastest way of accessing your gun safe. Consider purchasing a unit which will effectively protect your firearms and give you quick access in case of an emergency.

Special Features

Some gun safes come with special features such as fire liners, hinges, damp proofing and re-locking devices. Fire liners provide insulation against heat exposure, the damp proofing feature will protect it from getting damaged by moisture, hinges aid the door to open and close. They can be fixed internally or externally. Doors with external hinges open wider than those with internal hinges but those with internal hinges are more difficult to remove by burglars. In case an unauthorized person tampers with the lock, a re-locking device will lock the unit again and make it difficult for the person to open the unit.


On a normal basis, gun safes come with a one year warranty and that is enough time for the unit to get damaged. Some manufacturers offer a warranty longer than a year. Some also elongate the warranty by putting you on special plans. You should consider the warranty of a unit before you purchase it.

How To Install A Gun Safe In Your Vehicle

Attaching by cable:

This is a temporary method of installing a gun safe in your vehicle. To install a gun safe in your vehicle by cable;

Benefits Of Installing By Cable

Bolting It Down:

This is more of a permanent method in which the gun safe is bolted down to a particular spot in the vehicle. For this process you'll need; a pencil, an anchor kit with bolts, a utility knife, a socket wrench, a measuring tape or ruler, a level and a drill.

Now to the process;

Benefits Of Bolting Down

Frequently Asked Questions

Some gun safes are easy to open if they become jammed while others are not. In both instances, you'll need to call a locksmith to remove the lock.

A console vault is fixed in the center of your car's interior. The size depends on your car's make and mode but a car gun safe is a unit which is manufactured differently for keeping firearms. You can keep your car gun safe in the console vault, under a seat, in the trunk or have it bolted down permanently in the car.


If you conceal carry a lot, it is very essential that you get a car gun safe especially if you do a lot of road trips. At this point, you have a lot of information about car gun safes and we’re sure you can choose one for yourself. Ensure that you choose the one that meets your requirements and fits your budget.

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